12 000 ₽ ( $203 )
17 000 ₽ ( $288 )
18 000 ₽ ( $305 )
10 990 ₽ ( $186 )

NEXUSVII believes that wearing the clothes which combine the value of both the practicality and the artistry under the cultural backgrounds would be the ideal daily lifestyle.We have been reiterating the trials and the errors to create modern clothings which could correspond to the various situations by adopting “the multifaceted elements", understanding “the wisdoms of forerunners", and using “the craftsmen’s skills" being inherited from those pioneers for over 10 years.This is the concept of NEXUSVII, “MULTIPLE MANIAXX TECHNIXX", and we will keep producing the practical and artistry clothes that reflects all of these elements so they fit to people’s lifestyle and could be worn for a long time.