11 000 ₽ ( $186 )
12 000 ₽ ( $203 )
13 000 ₽ ( $220 )

Situated in Springville, Utah, Hippodrome Studio is Jeff Decker’s lair where the history of motorcycle culture is lived, studied, documented and sculpted. As the only licensed Harley-Davidson sculptor, Jeff’s mission is to capture an over looked American history.The motorcycle and rider are the single greatest manifestation of the industrial era.Nothing symbolizes the urgency of our age better than the bike rider.Jeff Decker is an Artist and Historian,passionate about cars, motorcycles, or anything mechanical that started out well-made and has endured decades without ever being molested. It is each subjects inherent blend of art and history that makes every Jeff Decker sculpture exceptional.Jeff acknowledges not his great artistry, but his deep passion for his subject matter. Indeed, his sculptural style is pure reincarnation of personal emotion. To witness his work, one is made aware of the journey, the experience gained, and upon the return, the way it originally felt when it happened.Creative intensity fires the furnace of invention. Ideas from history-changing events pour freely from Jeff Decker’s mind, cutting, molding, pouring, casting, chasing, welding and blasting… all in preparation for the final patina. History lives here, and Jeff lives to release his ideas into reality, and loves what happens when people see these thoughts.